Saturday, November 14, 2015

Upper Console Latching Switches DTMF Request Part 9


Ok, after a fair amount of experimenting on the work bench and another test out in the car the ONLY conclusion I can come to is that on my first attempt at trying out my partially built photo board, is that I MUST have had just a loose connection somewhere. I had tried a number of experiments on my work bench to try and duplicate the "Relay Chatter" I had experienced out in the car and was not able too no matter what I tried. Every time the relay clicked over beautifully and reaction time was fast with no hiccups. I then took my upper console and the breadboard outside with a relay on the breadboard to see if perhaps it was the car battery, which I could not see at the battery monitor is reading it at a little over 12V. I hooked up the breadboard and upper console to the car battery and tested out the relay on the breadboard activated through my 555 timer photo board and it worked perfectly, no chatter, no issues. So I revoked up the DTMF tone request wire from the photo board back in under the dash to connect through that "Multiple in - single out" series of diodes, turned on the dash power, and tried out my upper console's DTMF tone request again and this time no problems. So I can only come to the conclusion that I must have had a loose connection somewhere on my first attempt. To be sure though I'll experiment again when I have the board completed for all 5 DPDT lighted rocker switches.... just to be sure. ;)

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