Friday, September 30, 2016

Re-Finishing The Rear Side Speaker Covers

I re-finished my rear side speaker covers using some of the left over Headliner fabric. I actually found these to be a lot simpler to do than the Headliner, maybe because they are smaller or it might even have been the fact that I had the original fabric to use as a template to cut the shape of the new material out of. In any even they were easier to do. The one thing I did do is re-attach the clips on the back with some rivets used in leather work. I really did not like the way they installed those clips, seemed a pretty weak way of doing it if you ask me, in fact a few of the metal clips had actually fallen off over time, I saved them and riveted them in place (top left & right).

I used the Headliner adhesive spray to apply the new material after carefully taking off the old material, which was in surprisingly good shape, just the colour no longer matched the new Headliner so it had to go ;)
You can see my finished pieces here (left). They turned out great! :)

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