Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Applying The Headliner Fabric

First time ever doing this so this was fun. I didn't have the shape of the original fabric so some guess work was involved in how best to do this. I traced out the Headliner shape trying to leave a good two inches for overlap. Next step the messy, (Well hopefully not too messy) job of gluing on the Headliner fabric.

I applied the glue is stages working from the middle outwards. This is the Headliner before the backsides were folded over and glued into place. (Left) On the right you can see my finished job of how I folded the overlaps over. I'm not a pro. at this so the Pro's may very well do this differently, this seemed logical based on the video demo I watched on YouTube on how "JEG's Garage" did his Headliner fabric install. I probably could have done my inside back corners a little better but overall I'm happy with it for a very first time ever doing this. I'm just super happy I managed to not get any of the glue on the good side of the Headliner fabric. ;)

Here is my finished Headliner lying on my kitchen floor ;)

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