Sunday, April 10, 2016

Arduino Connections Module Reworked

I reworked the Arduino Connections or Optocoupler Combo Board as I was not totally happy with how a lot of it was arranged. Chances are I'll probably rework it even more yet as my thought lately is to turn it into a "Hat" using header Pins. I have a couple of Proto-Shields on order from eBay but they will take their sweet time getting here for sure so I don't mind doing some experimenting with some Proto-Board to test out my ideas.

I reworked the schematic for my Proto-Board too just in case anyone has been following along and want to do the exact same thing. I find it handy to keep these diagrams around just so I have a record of my progress, what worked, what didn't work, what needed tweaking and just what the heck all the pin outs are for these little projects as they can get pretty complicated at times. ;)

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