Saturday, March 17, 2018

K.I.T.T.'s Brain

And so it begins. This looks to be about the right size for KITT's CPU/Brain enclosure although I think the one featured in the show was perhaps a slightly bit bigger, not by much but I think this will do the job so long as we can get the guts of the mini PC to fit inside and still have plenty of room for our mock up dummy circuit board to fit in overtop of the mini PC and sit down low enough for the transparent cover to fit. From what I gather we should be able to get the mini PC to fit with some manipulation.... we'll see once it arrives in the mail.

You can see here (Right ) by what I mean with the original looking a little bigger. Either that or the person holding it has very small hands. The length looks about right, but the width looks a slight bit bigger. I'm not super concerned so much about that, more on making the parts fit and giving it a look as close as possible to the one pictured here. As long as the mini PC parts fit into the enclosure and I can get the mockup circuit board to fit overtop with the flashing LEDs and chaser bar LED I'll be well satisfied. 

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