Monday, August 17, 2015

How To Cook LEDs

This is what happens when you are not paying attention to what you are doing lol, I should not laugh really but this kinda thing can happen if you are not careful. Now I should point out that this was more for experimentation rather than actual use. The LEDs I want to use for my Door Lock LEDs are the smaller 3mm ones. This was more to have a little practice at working with Proto-Board and soldering of parts onto the boards. Well what happened was that I soldered everything onto the board alright but when I attached my wires I attached them to the wrong sides of the 1K Resistors, the side I soldered them onto was already attached to my LEDs Positive and one side of the 1K Resistors leaving the other side un connected which is where my wires should have been soldered too. A common mistake for newbies such as myself I am sure.

lol Remember when I said I would share my failures? Well here you go ;) I'm thankful that parts are cheap and it was nothing major just a little experimentation module for the Door LEDs mock up to play with on the bread board. ;)

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