Monday, January 5, 2015

My Knight Rider Legacy

This is the work of Michael Hyatt another Knight Rider K.I.T.T. car fan with true "Heart" when I saw this I had to share as this very much speaks volumes about how I feel about the hobby. Even though I am very new to anything automotive, electrical I have always loved that car from the very first time a friend introduced me to the show back in the 80's when it was on TV. I know from being an artist that I am always tweaking and trying to perfect things even if I stop for a while and put things on the back burner they never seem to be truly done in my book and I'm always wanting to tweak them up further.

Kudos goes out to Michael for his brilliant dedication to his Knight Rider Project and for being a true inspiration for those of us like myself who are new to this hobby who love Knight Rider and K.I.T.T. :)

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