Sunday, January 17, 2016

K.I.T.T Responding To Temperature Sensor inputs 3

Ah my sweetie is such a trooper helping me do a little test video of how K.I.T.T.s temperature sensor works. Bloody cold out on the front porch today and she was standing out there in her pyjamas just to help me out. I'm so luck to have someone who loves to do things like that just to help me out, She is so awesome ;) Anyways as you can see the temperatures sensor is very accurate and very responsive to temperature changes and then reads out that data on the U.I. Once the temperature fall below a predetermined value it will provoke a response from K.I.T.T. I have this set up as an audio clip array so that each time he will respond with a random voice clip... right now I just have the once but i'll add more as I either get or make them ;)

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