Saturday, October 17, 2015

Problem With SFX Module Solved

This had been a little problem that was plaguing me for the last week and that was if you had seen my last post about the issue I was having with the Adafruit and mini TDA 2030A amplifier module I had put together for some on board sound FX for K.I.T.T. then you may recall. Simply put the issue was that every time I activated a switch that used a Relay, the act of turning off the switch closing the relay would reset my SFX module. Well a solution has been found using what is called a "Rectifier Diode Bridge." I placed the Rectifier bridge between the power and ground and Relay shown in this diagram here (above left). The only other solution I found was to have my switches activate each relay through the use of Optocouplers, that too seemed to solve the issue of the SFX module resetting or somehow being interrupted when the relays were to shut off or be deactivated. 

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