Thursday, October 2, 2014

Multimeter Test On The Knight Rider Switch Pod Buttons

OK I have done a continuity test of the terminals at the back of the Switch Pod Buttons board and as near as I can tell for each button there are 4 connection points where each button is soldered to the boards, two top and two bottom. Both top and bottom seem to be the connected the same respectively. Meaning the top two are connected together through the button and the bottom two are connected to each other through the button. So the bottom two connections for each button on the Multimeter seem to have continuity all the time, where as the top two points have continuity only when the button is pressed. So I would assume that connecting wires to either one of the top two connection points should give you your power wires that you can run out to your devices, through a Relay I would well recommend. 

I have updated my diagram to better illustrate what I have figured out. Hopefully it's correct so unless you test out your own electronics in the same way do not take it as 100 percent, every ones electronics could be different. But these from Knight Rider World appear to be connected in this way.

NOTE: I had my black probe attached to the ground wire (Black) from the board when I did my Multimeter test so I'm not sure if my wires on my diagram should be illustrated as red or black??

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