Sunday, October 26, 2014

KITTs Voice Projection Plan 04

OK after my additional test with the Multimeter I have yet again modified my diagram slightly to include the changes that I believe to be more accurate with what appears to be going on throughout the circuit. I changed my Switch Pod Buttons wires in my diagram back to "Red" seeing how I got a reading of around 10.5 Volts on my Multimeter test by attaching the red probe of the meter to the red wire from one of my Switch Pod Buttons that I had soldered onto one side of the buttons connection points, (See Switch Pod Diagram),

and the black probe to my ground (-). If I am understanding the circuit correctly I think what is happening is that when the Switch Pod Button is pressed it completes a current between the Positive (+) and Negative (-) which will when attached to the magnetic coil side of a Relay cause the Switch inside of the relay to close for as long as the button is being pressed.

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