Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scanner Tweaks Continued

After my top scanner space eliminator has been painted it was time to install that onto the top of the scanner bar. Now like I have mentioned most will probably NOT have to do this but if you find that you do have a bit of a gap to fill at the top of your scanner this is another possible way of dealing with it ;)

You can see here how with the hood down there is a much nicer filled gap at the top of the scanner. I can still reach in and grab the secondary hood release handle when the hood popper is pulled from inside of the car so this works out perfectly. You can also see how that little lip on that strip of rubber reaches over the top of the scanner gap filler nicely. It might also act as a bit of protection by preventing water from getting splashed into the scanner. I'm not going to put that to the test but hey, every bit helps right? ;)

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