Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dash Test Fitting For The First Time

FINALLY getting around to doing something I have been wanting to do for a long time and that is to FINALLY test fit the Knight Rider 2 TV dash. I figured it was high time seeing how I had mounted that Voice Projection button onto the dash plastic. I was a little worried that the Knight Rider dash might obscure the V.P. button too much and the best way to know for sure was to do that much needed test fitting of the dash. As it turns out the V.P. button is fine where it is mounted. This also gave me a chance to see if I would need to cut any of the dash plastic. I did need to cut about an inch over on the drivers side away across the top of the dash plastic. Funny thing is that when I put the dash back in for another test fitting it looked like I didn't need to cut any so not really sure what was going on there. Oh well gives a little more breathing room for the electronics if anything I suppose. ;) Loads of room in back for where the LCD screens will eventually go so it looks like there is lots of room to tuck away wire looms and connectors nice and neat for the final install stage. I just have to figure out where the best places are to screw the K.R. dash to the OEM dash plastic now.

On another note this also gave me an opportunity to test fit the switch pods to see how I will need to mount those onto the K.R. dash. I think what I need to do is make a couple of aluminium tabs or brackets to mount the pods onto the dash, bend it into position as best I can and then glass it all into place, sand and paint. At least to me that seems like the best approach. 

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