Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Scanner Installation

I got my scanner from Brenon Fullbright of Lectric Enterprises so I have been having fun installing that, as with everything it seems I had to do some creative stuff in order to get it into the nose of the car. My first thought was that all I would have to do was just drill a couple of holes for the mounting "L" brackets and I would be pretty much good to go.... lol so much for simplicity ;) I guess it's different with everybody's install? In my cases I had to get a little creative again with some cutting with my Dremel and a little creative with some stock aluminum in order to make an extension to get the provided mounting brackets to fit. For my car they were a little too wide in the spacing and did not fit onto the front nose support structure, that sort of "V" shaped plate that the nose rests on.

You can see in my pictures and video what I had to do to give the nose support a little extra for the scanner's mounting brackets to be bolted into. I was then able to screw my custom bracket extension onto the nose support structure. Now it's attached really well and secure.
Brenon in his instructions had mentioned that the ground wire should be attached to the battery as on some cars the metal can be insulated between the metal and the battery with plastic. On this '82 model Trans Am I'm pretty sure the front nose impact absorption bar and nose support structure are OK for ground wires as there were wires attached for the front lights and other things. But in any event I extended the ground wire and ran it through the wire protector harness along with the wire that goes to the control box, I had it pop out of the wire protector close to the battery so that I could mount it along with the other ground wire that goes to the battery attached to the passenger side quarter panel (top left).

I then ran the rest of the wire harness along the side and down in through the same hole as the old antenna wire used to go through. It should be long enough for me to mount under the Knight Rider dash on the right hand side, I may need to extend the wires but that is not a big deal, I'll know more where I stand on that issue once I do a test fit of the dash. Speaking of which, I still need to mount K.I.T.T.'s voice box and bezel. I also need to install the Top count down indicators which are on order and sound be here within a few days.
The Turbo Hood is almost done and I will need to put that on and do a test fit. I'm hoping the scanner and front nose will fit all fine once I put the hood on ;)


  1. I wonder which scanner billy from knight designs would recommend.. }

    1. I'm not sure. I got my nose from Knight Rider Shop and he recommended Brenon's scanner, Don't quote me but I think Billy uses Brenon's as well.