Saturday, February 15, 2014

Installing My Knight Rider Front nose Part 8

Continuing on with my Knight Rider front nose installation. I found that I had to modify the front nose support assembly a little bit further by taking out the middle section located where the scanner will be mounted, reason being was that I found the middle support structure that sits under the nose support assembly was a pretty snug fit with the Knight Rider front nose so I had to cut that part off... no biggie. ;)

I also filed down that part of the fibreglass that was giving me a bit of fitment issues in my last video so it's fitting a lot better although I seem to have a large gap between the top of the front nose on the passenger side near the top of the fender that looks like it is going to need to be filled or modified a little. I also on the drivers side had a piece of the fibreglass just flake off which pissed me off a little, but these are all things that can be fixed up with a little fibreglass resin and some re sanding so although a pain in the backside to have to deal with are manageable none the less. ;)

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