Friday, February 14, 2014

Installing My Knight Rider Front nose Part 7

Continuing on with the fitment of my Knight Rider front nose. Today I tweaked up the nose support assembly on the one side by cutting a strip of steel and bending it on one side to fit the angle of the end piece that attached to the old stock rubber nose. I still nee to do the same on the other side, but once done I should be able to fit the end pieces through my fibreglass nose to the fender and then re attach the support assembly back onto the end pieces that were cut off using my cut and bent strips of steel.

I also cut off that triangular piece of plastic near the base front of the ground effects using a Dremel and cut off wheel. I also had removed the end pieces of the impact absorption rubber that was interfering with the fitment of my front nose.

Because of a slight flaw in the fibreglass fabrication on the passenger side of the front nose I am going to have to do some filing and then re building up of the fibreglass to make that side fit better. I also accidentally punctured an air pocket in the top drivers side of the front nose, another slight flaw in the fabrication, good thing I discovered that before I got to the painting process. Billy from "Knight Designs" has mentioned a method of checking for air pockets that I think I will need to utilize just to make sure there are no more surprises.

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