Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Installing My Knight Rider Front nose Part 3

Continuing on with my removal of the stock front nose on my '82 Trans Am Firebird in order to put the Knight Rider nose on. After a lot of examining and poking around trying to figure out the best way to gain access to the front ground effects bolts and the front nose bolts the best way I could see on my car was to take out the front retracting head lamps assembly all together and move it out of my way. I have them resting on the front support plate. Unless they prove to be in my way I should not have to unplug the wires to the motors and pull them out entirely. I looked around a lot for how to video on how to do this and none of them seemed to adequately explain how to best get to the bolts needed to get the front nose and ground effects off. They are a pain to get to and maybe from underneath the car might have been best but these headlamp assemblies are not that bad too remove so if you have the time just pull them out and getting to the front nose bolts looks to be a lot easier.

Tomorrow I should be a lot further along with this job of getting the front nose off. ;)

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