Sunday, February 16, 2014

Installing the Knight Rider Front Nose Part 10

Finally getting the front nose mounted onto my '82 Trans Am. I don't have the bolts tightened up all the way as I still have some tweaks to do but we are getting there. I had to modify a little further those end pieces that I had cut off of the front nose support assembly, as it was they still would not fit under the inside of the fibreglass front nose so I had to trim off about 1/4" off the end so they would fit inside of the fibreglass nose easier, they were just too big still otherwise.... now that they are trimmed problem solved. I may just end up scrapping them altogether if they should prove to be more trouble than they are worth in favour of the other option which is to just make an "L" bracket and bolt it to the impact absorption mounting bar that way I could just put a couple of thinner bolts near the top of the front nose and be done with it.... we'll see what in the end proves to be simpler and more beneficial.

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